Civil Societies and it’s impacts to Good Governance

As they say, the abundance of Civil Society groups is the contribution of the Philippines to Democracy. We have various Non Government Organizations and Civil Societies that concentrate on the simplest up to the most complicated problems in the Philippine society.

We have proven it’s worth in many times in our history. They were among those who toppled down the Marcos Dictatorship amongst August 21 Movement, Social Action Group from the religious sector, Freedom from debt Coalition and others. The issues become more popularized by the survey done by Social Weather Station and Pulse Asia.

Unfortunately, its’ role become less than being reactionary. It only reacts on things happening in our society but offer no alternatives or solution in our problems as a nation. For many times it actually become part of the problem like such as what happened recently on the so-called Peace Bonds.

The Peace Bonds is a fund that was lent by the private sector through CODE-NGO and the government through DSWD, Presidential Commission on the Peace Process and the GSIS which main concern is to promote peace in the country and to pacify insurgency as well. The problem went out when the liquidation of the used funds went out. Only to find out that there are 50 Million unliquidated funds at this campaign. Most probably, it went to the hands of the few. There goes the problem of Corruption.

The problem here is that, it now become part of the colossal debt of our country.

This proves that while Civil societies in one hand is a proof of having a democracy, thus we have to allow them; however they have to be more responsible and be true to their role. There are also those fly-by-nigth NGO’s that we should diminish because this hinders the realization of our goal as a nation.

As they say, we have our rights, but these rights have their limitations and responsibilities.


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