Divide the Labor to Multiply

It is a social fact that tasks or responsibilities  whatever degree holds people in the society together. If we see, during the primitive society people occupy general positions wherein they do a variety of tasks and handle a large number of responsibilities. Why? Because at that time they only have spears, bow and arrow and stones as tools in production thus requiring more labor participation. On the other hand, the modern society has more specialized place and a much narrower range of tasks and responsibilities as machines and high technology develop in a fast pace after the industrial revolution in Europe. Thus, their responsibilities or tasks vary on the access and the development of the tools of production.

In performing their duties and tasks their commonality and differences forge solidarity among their ranks.

In the Philippine context, workers who experience the same and do the same jobs immediately forge solidarity among themselves. Competition is a natural occurrence if special benefits are acheived by those who can do better. But in experience, the prevailing spirit is the workers understanding that they all suffer from the same exploitative condition as they work under the same company rules and regulations. Such is the case of the first workers strike during the height of the Martial Rule in 1972 done by the La Tondeña workers. They asked for job security and a one Peso increase in salary.

The same is also true of the Sumilao Farmers who demanded for the distribution and the collective ownership of the land owned by the Cojuangco’s under the San Miguel Corporation.

These are people who upon understanding their common problems recognized the need to organize an organization that will serve as their vanguard in achieving their goal. Hence, organic solidarity could forged too; as long as the people involved abide by the principle of common good. Their differences is realized as part of the dynamism of running the group and democratic principle will be observed. This is present to People’s organization.

I hence remember a quotation which goes like this – revolution is the practice of democracy. The working class among others understand it well.


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