Does Society Evolves?

Gerard Lhenski sees human societies as undergoing a process of change according to a dominant pattern known as “socio-cultural evolution”. He studied the different social types, first appearance and its characteristics. Indeed human societies do undergo societal changes base on its socio-cultural evolution or more aptly based on its mode of production.

Based on the pattern he created it can be observed that the way the society produces its basic necessities has a social impact on the living condition as well as the social practice of the human beings in a society. Also, as the social type changes, the emerging of the social classes are also noticeable such as the note that in 1960’s during post industrial the middle class expanded as the processing and control of information is being relied to the service sector.

In the Philippine society these changes social types wherein the Philippines whose industrial development was augmented by the trickling down effect of the Post modern era in First World country especially U.S. is trapped between a backward industry and an economy amassed by the surplus products from high technology. It has been merely subsumed into a consumer of surplus products and supplier of labor for the fast growing services sector (call center) as its labor force participation in the agriculture and industry aspect dwindle.

Amidst the full development of European and western countries the Philippines has remained backward. While foreign country’s rape our resources and vital minerals such as oil, deuterium and copper, gold etc. which are vital for the industrial development of a country. I guess it would then be vital to conduct a cultural ecology study in the Philippines.


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