Petty Crimes: Are you in?

Crimes. In every news I watch during primetime news show; it will not end without having news about crimes. Everyday, there are crimes committed. It’s as if people  to do this kind of activity.

The most alarming reality is those even youngsters are now committing all kinds of crimes. One example is the existence of Batang hamog in many main roads and highways in the country. They are there victimizing out riding motorist by robbing their valuable goods while their vehicles are in motion.

Perhaps, the alarming increase of poverty is one of the causes for this. As the latest survey of SWS says, 51.2% among Filipinos are now experiencing hunger. And because of it, many people resort to commit petty crimes like theft, snatching, etc. that may later lead to syndicate crimes like robbery, hold-up, prostitution, and others.

The problems went on when it already become part of their system thus make it no longer easy to be remedied.

But the pressuring reality here is that crimes at any form is happening and we might be the next victim or perhaps we might be the next to commit such, if the cyclical course of too much poverty would not be answered.


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