Society run by Religion

According to Peter Berger society is nothing but a human product that continuously acts back to its producer the human beings whilst, religion is another social construction of man inspired by the divine forces.

If we analyze the life of man has evolved into formations of societies as well as religion to institutionalize its beliefs. Religion in the absence of science has functioned as the means to understand the unusual and inexplicable occurrences in man’s life. Men worshiped the sun, the rain, the trees, while they prayed for the god’s anger to subside during thunders, lightning and storms.

As the time elapsed religion and society were made to serve the prevailing class in the society as strongly argued by Charles Wright Mills in Sociological imagination.

The power elite Spain took control of the resources of the Philippines to be more powerful economically, militarily and government-wise. Religion taught the Filipinos during the Spanish era to be meek, prayerful, sacrificial and obedient in the face of their merciless conquering. This has become useful too during the American colonization. It has been institutionalized in the Philippine society that we are being civilized through the help of a friendly American. Who in its established schools taught Filipinos to praise what is American and strove to become an American in every way he can. From atis to apples, Mercedes Benz, Toyota corolla, to whitening products and nose lifts, to dressing up like G.I Joe and striving to be educated in order to work in the US or become a proficient Englishman in the call centers. Society acclaimed those who can speak English proficiently thus they are given positions in the government. These power elite took control of military and the economy to keep its interest and concentrate wealth and exercise more power.

A sociological imagination that envisions a sociologically aware society which will forge a more gentle and just way of life must be created consciously. It does not happen by reflections alone but by a collective understanding of their condition and the initiatives to struggle for a better way of life together. In order to do this a critical thinking masses must be developed.


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