Vices and Gambling

In the Philippine Society, it can be said that gambling is part of our culture. During Spanish times we had that tupada or the cockfight, spider duel, eskrima, boxing among others that cannot be done without gambling. At times it proves that we Filipinos by nature is a Socialized animal. We love to mingle and share our experiences to others.

This is true during gamble session because people are able to chit chat a lot. I remember one of my visits to looban in one of the informal community in Malabon. They play Bingo then. They carry with them their children and they are placed outside their houses. This is to be spare from too much heat inside their house.

We have many lords that are well known in our society that only proves that we are not monotheistic by nature because we have jueteng lord, drug lord, gambling lord. Etc.

Truly, gambling is very Filipino like. Unfortunately this is now becoming rampant that even our youngsters are addicted to this kind of activity. Thus it became a vice or a wrongdoing. Back to the normal occurrence in Looban it is unhealthy to their children to be at their circle because during these time that they get sick.

I remember news before where in one family, a father offered his daughter to his compadre because he owe him money from their poker game. This vice is now the reason for the total collapse of the basic formation and values of the family.

No wonder, gambling lord become more and more influential in our society because more and more Filipinos are patronizing it. It is just logical why jueteng still exists even if past administrations wanted it to perish completely.

And no wonder why gambling lords penetrate our government system. We have jueteng lord Pineda’s in Pampanga, Villafuerte of Bikol and needless to say we had former President Estrada a gambling lord himself.

These is to make sure that gambling become institutionalized part of our culture for ever and ever. Poor Philippines then.


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