by Jhewoung Jhewoung

I was me, as far as you can see,
Me that was naturally perfect beauty,
Me that was created with the love,
Me, who was given with above.
I was me, green, blue and white,
Oh! commoners, you had seen me as light.
Me, that gave you people a peace of mind,
Me, who was only felt by the blind.
I was me, who gave you everything.
Me, you wanted and needed for something,
Me, who was asking to a friend,
To take good care of me, even in the end.
Dam is on my top
Dynamite is on my sea-lap
Legal and illegal logging on my side
That causes me to landslide
People who lived and still living,
When will you start caring?
Do I still have to kill you painfully?
So that you will know I’m in agony?
I am ruined and I am lost
By the people whom I served the most
And yet you chose to destroy me,
To give you pleasure no matter what it would cause me.
People on earth, look at me now.
Is this your intention and vow?
How could you say love,
If letting me ruined is not from above?
You people aim for gold situation,
Even if, it causes my life because of pollution,
Why you didn’t even ask me if I wanted to be in that situation?
Do you think it can be a solution?
I guess that is too such!
Because I know you’ll never care that much.
For I’ve known you cause I am made vast,
And surely will see you dying for I’ll stand last.

*Jhewoung is currently an organizer of Youth for Nationalism and Democracy in Quezon. He’s a proud member of the LGBT community and a leader – organizer from the True Colors Coalition – ST calling for gender rights and equality.


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